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Customizing Store Display In WordPress

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Topic: Customizing Store Display In WordPress
Posted By: Encoder
Subject: Customizing Store Display In WordPress
Date Posted: January/15/16 at 12:55pm
I've figured out how to set up my store and catalog and how to get my store to show in a WordPress site - your instructions on that are pretty clear and straightforward, but I'd like to customize how my store displays a bit to take advantage of the navigation and styling of my site as well as meet some technical requirement of our customers. Is it possible to have a navigation page on my site that goes directly to a specific department/category/product rather than the front page of the store?

Posted By: admin
Date Posted: January/15/16 at 1:05pm
Yes. If you are in the SalesCart Administrator and your store is loaded, click on Your Store>>Integrate Store to create links to go directly to the products. Departments and categories are really no different in principal. However, we don't advise creating your 'own navigation' system outside of SalesCart because those typically will "not" be mobile friendly and friendly across multiple interfaces. Generally, the navigation of catalogs has generally come down to a few similar interfaces and the tabular pinterest pictorial sort of Interface generally appears to be the one people like the most. It works the best in the mobile environment. We believe ultimately everyone will be using that interface.

Posted By: Encoder
Date Posted: January/15/16 at 1:46pm
Thanks, but that's not exactly what I'm looking for. The direct link to the product simply places the product in the shopping cart without allowing the customer the opportunity to select product attributes. Let me explain in a little more detail what I need and why I need it.

What I need to be able to do is link into the store directly to the department, category and product levels. In other words, when my customer clicks on a link, depending on where he is in my site, I need to be able to display the appropriate department, category or product based on where the customer is linking from, rather than starting him at the front page of our entire catalog. The reason I need to be able to do this (beyond simply because I want to, which should be enough in itself) is because I am selling a technical product that requires I provide my customer with technical details beyond what the catalog is capable of displaying in a coherent and organized manner. So I need to be able to present the customer with all technical details and then allow him to hit a "shop now" link that allows him to go to the appropriate page of my store and not have to navigate back to the department, category or product from the top level of my store. Simply placing letting the customer hit a buy now button and placing the item in the shopping cart is not acceptable because our products have required attributes which must be selected by the customer before placing the item in the cart.

As for not advising that I create my own navigation, let me worry about that. I'm fully aware of the issues.

Posted By: admin
Date Posted: January/15/16 at 2:56pm
Ok, sorry for the misunderstanding of what you are trying to do. You can link directly to a department, category, or product, by simply linking to the appropriate page that displays those elements with the right specifics.

So for example, if you go to
It will go the web-hosters store (17) and display product ID (40).

ON the other hand, if you go to it will go the same store but display the category page for the category ID (629). So given your store ID, and the category you want you simply replace the ## with yours.

Posted By: Encoder
Date Posted: January/15/16 at 3:05pm
That is exactly what I needed. Thank you for you help!!

Posted By: admin
Date Posted: January/15/16 at 3:17pm
Ok, good.

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