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GAH! Help!

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Topic: GAH! Help!
Posted By: Toppdogg
Subject: GAH! Help!
Date Posted: February/20/15 at 9:21pm
I've been trying to get the App for my existing Facebook page, but it keeps sending me off to make a new page. When I get there, it gives me the option in the top right hand corner to select a page I manage (which is ht page I WANT) but then it jsut takes me to the page I mange. I've been able to put the Shop Now signal on there, but still cannot register. Can you please tell me where I'm missing a point somewhere please? Thanks.

Posted By: admin
Date Posted: February/21/15 at 12:25am
Ok, sorry, but we are not following exactly where you are. Are you in Facebook? Can you attach a screen shot? Also, what is your Facebook Page Name? Can you take a look at this shows you how to use the snipping tool to get a screen shot." rel="nofollow -૩

Posted By: admin
Date Posted: February/21/15 at 12:31am
Also, have you followed this step-by-step video. If you don't give the app permission to your Facebook page, then things won't work." rel="nofollow - WATCH Getting Started video

Also, VERY IMPORTANT make sure you are logged in as "YOU" and not the page. That can also create issues

You are probably having one of those two issues, logging in to Facebook as your "page" instead of as "YOU", and/or not giving permissions to the App to modify your pages.

If you can't figure out how to do the screen shots, watch the video and tell us "WHERE" you are in the process as "minutes" inside of the video.

If you already have the Add to Cart button on your Facebook page, then you are finished with the middle button, just highlight the page name for the drop down in Step 2, and press the register button (Step 4). It will send you an email. The email will have a link for you to click on to register.

Posted By: Toppdogg
Date Posted: February/23/15 at 8:11pm
I jsut wrote a huge reply and it's all gone.

Posted By: Toppdogg
Date Posted: February/23/15 at 8:13pm
Screen shot of where I am. Won't let me register my EXISTING Topp Dogg page. (I am logged in as my home personal page Julie Walsh. Topp Dogg Facebook page is as follows: ) -

Posted By: admin
Date Posted: February/23/15 at 10:46pm
When I go to that Photo bucket url, I get:

Sorry, the requested page does not exist.
Please check the URL for correct spelling and capitalization.

Can you please double check the url

Posted By: admin
Date Posted: February/23/15 at 10:49pm
However, the Facebook page does not have the SalesCart app installed to it yet. That is step 3. You must do Step 3 FIRST, before doing step 4, registering the cart. Did you watch the Getting Started video?

Posted By: Toppdogg
Date Posted: February/23/15 at 10:53pm
Dammit! I copied the URL, you'd think it could get it's own spelling right! I'll go look see what it's doing to me.... -_-

Posted By: admin
Date Posted: February/23/15 at 11:02pm
You can upload screenshots to Flickr too if you have trouble with photobucket." rel="nofollow -

Posted By: admin
Date Posted: February/23/15 at 11:07pm
You are going to want to watch the" rel="nofollow - Getting Started Video: step 1

Do each step. Watch the video in one browser tab, pause it at each step, do that step in Facebook in the other browser tab. You are skipping at least one step. If you are skipping any step, you won't be able to register....

Posted By: Jessamy
Date Posted: February/26/15 at 12:34am
Hey, I am trying to help out, but when I get to the email stage, it wont send me an email. I have changed all my settings on facebook to make sure my email address I want it to send to is activated and public, but nothing is being sent. Do you know where else I might find the activation email?


Posted By: admin
Date Posted: February/26/15 at 9:39am

What are you seeing when you click the register button?
Are you getting an error message?
Is there any message being displayed to the screen?

You shouldn't have to change anything in Facebook. The issue typically is "permissions" not settings.

The two most critical mistakes are:
ONE (1) you must be logged in as YOURSELF not as your Page. Are you sure you are logged in as YOU and NOT the page? Follow the step-by-step" rel="nofollow - HERE starting at Step 3.

TWO (2) The app must have permissions as YOU and NOT as the PAGE. The only way to enable the correct permissions on Facebook is performing Step 1 in the Getting Started Video. You can do Step 1 over and over again and it won't hurt anything. Then press Refresh so the app has the correct permissions. If the App doesn't have the correct permissions then it can't perform any actions on a page you administer.

Next, are you remembering to highlight the Facebook page name in the dropdown on Step 2 BEFORE you press the register button.

If you don't do that, it won't let you register. It needs to know what Facebook page to register. If you don't see any pages listed in step 2, its because you are logged in as the PAGE and NOT as YOU as specified in ONE(1) above. Or, it is because you haven't given permission to the app to see your pages. It can only be one of these two things.

It would be helpful if you could please send us a screen shot of exactly what you see before you click register and after you click register so we can see what you are seeing. You can send it via PM for security purposes. We don't see the Facebook Page in our database at all ! If it were, we could just send you the link that would be emailed to you.

Please post back as soon as you can as we are interested in finding out the cause.

Posted By: admin
Date Posted: March/02/15 at 5:33pm
Ok, we think this is our probem.... We switched to a new mail server and it seems to be not sending the emails.      We apologize but this is now resolved. In fact, you may suddenly receive a bunch of backed up emails.    However, ignore those emails and go back and click on the link to send a new "updated" email.

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