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Topic: Aggro AGAIN
Posted By: Andy
Subject: Aggro AGAIN
Date Posted: December/08/05 at 11:49am
Ok, I have a standard flat rate shipping charge- which should be the easiest darn thing to setup BUT- today I wanted to reduce the cost from 9 down to 5.

After editing the one line in global.asa which covers this- line171, I now find the dumb software is returning the ship cost as 6 or 7p.

Why is it doing this? Why can't I change this simple one entry on one line of code without all this fiddline about everytime I want to change something!?

If you drag the access DB back from the server you wipe it and start afresh which I don't want to do for a stupid easy peasy price reduction in shipping.

HELP- loosing sales :(

Posted By: mikea
Date Posted: December/08/05 at 8:51pm
Yup, everytime I want to make changes something breaks. I find that posting in here rarely gets you an answer. My site has been down for days and I can't get a response in here. You'll probably have to pay for support if you need help asap. I like the application when it works so since I'm a programmer I guess I'll just break down and learn asp. If I knew what gets changed automatically and when it would be alot easier.

Posted By: Andy
Date Posted: December/09/05 at 6:53pm
Cheers Mike :)

Just a bit hacked off- my site is number 1 on Google and MSN for my product type and I like having the ability to "buy now" as that's the way the web is heading- no ecommerce no business.

I do like Salescart and I have a lot of time and 's invested in it.

What i can't understand are these problems with shipping- flat rate, across the board should be the easiest option of any.

It took me a while to get to 9 now I wish 'd left it alone LOL.

Still, nevermind, time to fiddle with it- again.

Posted By: mikea
Date Posted: December/09/05 at 10:26pm
I checked out your site and the items arent showing up on view1.asp

Good idea on posting fixes in here. I wish the product support people would look in here more often. Now if you post anything "bad" in here about the product they're all over that. Just look how many posts are in here with "zero" reply.

I'm sitting down tonight with my ASP book, hopefully I'll get the site up soon.

Good luck with yours.

Posted By: mikeb
Date Posted: December/21/05 at 9:54am
This Forum is a self-help forum for users to help themselves. Support is the most expensive cost provided in Software. Unfortunately, there is no way to give support for free forever unless the product was over $1000, allowed for limited licensing of one web site only, or have a monthly or yearly fee attached to it. Realizing that many, if not most software, now provides for one of these may eventually get your wish for on-going support but it will cost more.

Posted By: mikeb
Date Posted: December/21/05 at 9:56am
Unfortunately, changing the global.asa should do exactly what you say and will. However, if you have a product based shipping or some other shipping modification also in place it will complicate the equation.

Shipping is ONLY as complicated as you make it. And, many folks try to make it extremelly complicated.

Posted By: Andy
Date Posted: December/21/05 at 10:31pm

Changing global.asa in the root web does not fix my problem. Modifying the salescart.asa file in the cgi-bib as well as the global file does.

Forgive me if I am wrong but I can't see this explanation anywhere in the PDF file for the updated version of PRO?

I would also like to know the fix for the tax percentage rate- ideally I would like it to show 17.5% which is collected by HM Customs & Excise not 0.175% which is the rate shown. The software calculates at 17.5% but the decimal places are out- just a little niggly thing which I find most annoying as it's not accurate.

Posted By: mikeb
Date Posted: January/03/06 at 2:50pm
By default the tax rates work fine...something about your site sounds very confusing. You should not have both a global.asa as well as a salescart.asa file that has settings in it....if you do thats your first problem.

Originally all the settings were put into a single global.asa file. As we moved into dreamweaver and as FrontPage began breaking the global.asa file, we moved to having a salescart.asa file in /cgi-bin. However, the global.asa simply calls the salescart.asa file, there are no settings stored in it any longer.

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