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Chill out

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Topic: Chill out
Posted By: Andy
Subject: Chill out
Date Posted: June/07/05 at 3:23am
Haven't been here for a while and blimey!

I don't really understand the complaints about Salescart & Comcity in some of these posts.

Telephone support
I can get this no problem and I'm not a US based user.

Yeah, when you first start working with salescart it can be a little bit confusing. If ound it hard to get my head round the proceedures involved in setting up a salescart site- this wasn't the softwares problem just me not being up to speed with what I needed to do to get the cart running right.

If you look at my locked post which has had over 300 views regarding the thumbnail product image in the checkout page I think this shows that all the information IS in the manual- just got to find the bits you need.

Adding products online
You dont need any plug ins to add products. I have several salescart sites but no plugins other than a salescart bridge. If you have fpage extensions you can go direct to your site. If you don't have fpage extensions FTP works just as well.

Is salescart worth it?
For me yes. If you consider how much web design firms charge for ecommerce then salescart is cheap as chips. I looked at hundreds of carts from Actinic through to OS commerce and PHP Cart. If you think salescart is not great value and easy to configure for fairly complex product ranges then take a look at everything else out there and you will probably find that salecart is the best value for money (I run all my sites without my own SSL- I use worldpay's built in SSL facility) If you buy a lot of cart software you need an SSL- this is a few hundred bucks every year.

Salescart is a good product which does work. The most important thing is to not give up and keep working through the system- once you reach a certain level of experience with it everything becomes easy peasy.

I'm no web designer or programmer. With salescart I can run as many ecommerce sites as I want for less than the price of one built for me. That is what I wanted to do so I am more than happy with what I've got from comcity.

Posted By: Techno Geek
Date Posted: June/07/05 at 8:48am
One thing I want to add to your comment. The open source shopping carts might seem to be more "difficult" but that is only because it you have more options.

Not having options to modify the look, feel and the code of the shopping means that you are stuck with either a hosted shopping cart solution or a shopping cart that does not allow customizations.

Techno Geek
Customer Support Engineer
ComCity and SalesCart Technical Support

Posted By: Andy
Date Posted: June/08/05 at 9:21am

Open source carts stand out a mile and look a bit amateurish. When I first started looking for carts I got a copy of one UK cart system. 900 for the software which would only make one site and recurring SSL costs every year. Salescart cost me a fraction of this, allows me to make as many sites I want.

Frontpage took me a while to get the hang of and I'm still learning stuff all the time. I used to moan and give Will a hard time until I got the hand of the salescart software- not his or salescart's fault just took me time to get used to the thought processes needed to make my sites work. Now I can change things by fiddling around with coding- bare in mind I run a sign and graphic business not web design or anything similar in the IT field- if I can do it you can too :)

Stick with salescart and you will get the results you want :)

(if anyone is using Corel I have a master file for the salescart buttons- this allows you to change colours, labels etc. It's something I drew up ages ago and I use it all the time for my sites- if you want a copy leave a message here).


Posted By: Techno Geek
Date Posted: June/08/05 at 5:12pm
Andy, how come you don't make buttons and template for SalesCart? You could sell those you know :)

Techno Geek
Customer Support Engineer
ComCity and SalesCart Technical Support

Posted By: jula
Date Posted: June/11/05 at 5:27pm
Hey there,

I just want to say that i agree with you andy. SalesCart is a very good shopping cart. Nearly all of my mistakes have been because of me, not the program. I can only thank Will Sani for all the help and time(and paitence), he has given to me and my website.(keep up the good work Will!) I will admit it's not as easy as they say it is. But it's a learning curve, at least you learn how to work the software. Which is a big bonus.

Keep up the good work guy's


Posted By: Techno Geek
Date Posted: June/13/05 at 10:16am
I feel all special now! for everyone!

Techno Geek
Customer Support Engineer
ComCity and SalesCart Technical Support

Posted By: Andy
Date Posted: June/26/05 at 7:41am
Well said Jula :)

Must be a UK thing- us Brits like Salescart big time.

Will- the buttons and stuff are something I drew up ages ago to change the look of the cart a little. I could flog other users this and templates for their sites- as I've got the corel file all done it's a two minute job emailing it to any one who wants it.

If you have coreldraw from V8 upto the current V12 I can email you over the layout- it's easy to customise.

Each button can be coloured and the text labels can be changed in seconds- all you gotta do is EXPORT from CorelDraw to overwrite the standard salescart buttons et voila. All the buttons on my file have been carefully sized to make sure that when you overwrite with the new design everything fits properly. If you've got illustrator I can give you the file as an AI vector format- you should be able to import and edit.

If you wanna have a play with this drop me an email- it's totally FREE for anyone who wants it.

It might be nice if all us Salescarters share little bits and bobs that we have come up with in order to make life easier for everyone.

I can't help much with the coding as I'm not web techy but the graphics side of things is something I can help out with if anyone needs a hand.

Maybe I could knock up some example layouts for people to have a look at- kinda like skins that you can use with PHP stuff.

As Will knows I'm having a go at making my salescart webs all run on the latest CSS3 tableless layout- if I can get it working I'll let everyone know how I get on :)


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