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Class not defined: ’CSimpleAdo’

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Topic: Class not defined: ’CSimpleAdo’
Posted By: UpstateGirl
Subject: Class not defined: ’CSimpleAdo’
Date Posted: October/21/04 at 7:48am
When attempting to use the dynamic-include.asp file to add options I am receiving the following error.
Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01fa'
Class not defined: 'CSimpleAdo'
/dynamic-include.asp, line 19

If I remove the lines in the dynamic-include.asp file that refer to the the Class then no error appears but neither do the options.

This is how the dynamic-include page is added in my product page
<!-- #include file="dynamic-include.asp" -->

Here is the text from the dynamic-include.asp page
thisproduct = FP_Field(fp_rs,"ProdID")

'READ STUFF From Database
     Dim objSimpleAdo, rstRS, SQLStmt

     SQLStmt = "SELECT * From Options "
     SQLStmt = SQLStmt & "WHERE [ProdID] =" & thisproduct & " "
     SQLStmt = SQLStmt & "ORDER BY Options.Attribute, Options.[AttNo]; "

     Set SimpleAdo = New CSimpleAdo
     SimpleAdo.setConnectionString = Application("webdata_ConnectionString")
     Set RS = SimpleAdo.getRecordSet(SQLStmt)
     'Do stuff with the record set
     CurrentRecord = 0
     ChangeFlag = ""
     Do While CheckRS(RS)
     Description = RS("Description")
           ' Save Attribute name if first time in
           If CurrentRecord = 0 Then
                ChangeFlag = RS("Attribute")
                Response.write ("<Strong>" & ChangeFlag & "</Strong><select name=option size=1>")
           End If

     'Hasn't changed
     If RS("Attribute") = ChangeFlag Then
           Response.write ("<option value=" & RS("FmVal") & ">" & RS("Choice") & "</option>")
                Response.write ("</select>" & RS("Description") & separator)
                ChangeFlag = RS("Attribute")
                Response.write ("<Strong>" & ChangeFlag & "</Strong><select name=option size=1>")
                Response.write ("<option value=" & RS("FmVal") & ">" & RS("Choice") & "</option>")
     End If

           CurrentRecord = CurrentRecord + 1

Response.write ("</select>" & Description & separator)

'Done with everything
Set SimpleAdo = Nothing
Set RS = Nothing

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