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UK users!!

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Topic: UK users!!
Posted By: Andy Holmes
Subject: UK users!!
Date Posted: May/20/04 at 8:12am
Has anyone re-engineered salescart to be more friendly for uk based sites.

I want to setup Vat at 17.5% and three postal options based on Royal Mail Parcelforce.

Can I junk the US state part?

I find the State and County tax parts confusing- I need to apply a flat VAT charge across the board.

Can I junk the US shipping choices too?

I anyone has done this in the UK let me please let me know how you did it- ta.

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: May/21/04 at 8:28am
If you use the order processing that appears when you open up your shop.mdb database, you can 0 out all of the US states and add any country you like. You can also omit the Sales Tax and Shipping when you run the SalesCart Wizard. For more information on using SalesCart please visit our web site at tp:// to review the SalesCart setup process.

Posted By: mickyB
Date Posted: May/24/04 at 2:49am
Hallo Andy,
I've solved same problem here in Italy.
I'm running Salescart pro, dunno if this can apply to other versions.

1st) setup Country table in shop.mdb using access: checked IT for mainland + added code II for Italian islands + added code EU for other European Union countries

Portion of Country table into shop.mdb:

Id    Abr Country          ; IsActive Type
253   it   Italia  & nbsp;        1         1
254   ii   Italia S.C.S.    1      ;   1
255   eu   European Union   1         1

(sorry, forum adds some weird & nbsp; into table, ignore them)

2nd) setup Taxes Table in shop.mdb: I'd a complete cleanup on this table and replaced with all european countries i would sale in + II for italian islands + EU for generic. All codes are into TaxState field. County field are all empty TaxRate is 0,2 (Italy has 20% VAT, comma is for decimals, you'll have dot)

Portion of Taxes table into shop.mdb:

Control TaxState County     TaxRate StateName
5       IT  &nb sp;         &nb sp; 0,2     Italia
6       II  &nb sp;         &nb sp; 0,2     Italia
7       EU  &nb sp;         &nb sp; 0,2     European Union
8       AT  &nb sp;         &nb sp; 0,2     Austria
9       BE  &nb sp;         &nb sp; 0,2     Belgium

this would solve tax problem

3rd) setup C-shipping table (mine is just an example, you have to write your own table and pricing for Royal Mail Parcelforce:

Full C-shipping table into shop.mdb:

ShipID LShipping Destination LWeight
1      1   &nbs p;    IT         &nbs p;1
2      2   &nbs p;    IT         &nbs p;2
3      3   &nbs p;    IT         &nbs p;3
4      4   &nbs p;    IT         &nbs p;4
5      5   &nbs p;    IT         &nbs p;5
6      6   &nbs p;    IT         &nbs p;16
7      7   &nbs p;    II         &nbs p;1
8      8   &nbs p;    II         &nbs p;2
9      9   &nbs p;    II         &nbs p;3
10     10    &n bsp;   II         &nbs p;4
11     11    &n bsp;   II         &nbs p;5
12     12    &n bsp;   II         &nbs p;16
13     13    &n bsp;   II         &nbs p;3
14     14    &n bsp;   II         &nbs p;4
15     15    &n bsp;   EU         &nbs p;6
16     16    &n bsp;   EU         &nbs p;7
17     17    &n bsp;   EU         &nbs p;12
18     18    &n bsp;   EU         &nbs p;13
19     19    &n bsp;   EU         &nbs p;14
20     20    &n bsp;   EU         &nbs p;15
21     21    &n bsp;   EU         &nbs p;3
22     22    &n bsp;   EU         &nbs p;4
23     23    &n bsp;   EU         &nbs p;5

and Look-weight table:

Full Look-weight table into shop.mdb:

LWeight LowW    HighW
1       0  &nbs p;    1
2       1  &nbs p;    5
3       5  &nbs p;    10
4       10  &nb sp;   20
5       20  &nb sp;   30
6       0  &nbs p;    0,5
7       0,5  &n bsp;  1
12      1   &nb sp;   2
13      2   &nb sp;   3
14      3   &nb sp;   4
15      4   &nb sp;   5
16      30   &n bsp;  10000

and last Look-shipping table:

Portion of Look-shipping table into shop.mdb:

LShipping Cost Type Service       Description
1        5,99 TNT   Espresso     & nbsp;   TNT Traco Express Fino a 1 Kg (Servizio road Italia escluso Sicilia, Calabria, Sardegna)
7        7,98 TNT   EspressoSCS   TNT Traco Express Fino a 1 Kg (Servizio road Italia per Sicilia, Calabria, Sardegna)
15        25    TNT   GlobalExpress TNT Global Express Fino a 0,5 Kg (Paesi appartenenti all'Unione Europea)

I hope my examples would help you understand manual examples.


using SalesCart Pro 5.04 w/MS FP XP

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